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Powering waste into profit

About Us

The Outlook for Green Lagoon Technology is Bright

Green Lagoon Technology Sdn Bhd (“GLT”) is a Malaysia-entity with worldwide view of being part of the environmental movement to optimize and maximise waste into profits.
The Company was established in May 2010, initially focusing on the design, engineering and construction of biogas plants before venturing into investment, operations and maintenance, business development and diversification.
Our main thrust in the early days was into converting palm oil mill effluent to renewable energy, and the early successful implementation of these projects meant that we had established a solid platform to venture into other palm oil based wastes

Today, our core focus is on providing environmental solutions to the other industries which produce wastes and developing new strategies to turn environmental liabilities into gainful use.

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Sustainable Biogas Solutions for Industries

Having accumulated the relevant experience over the years in capturing palm oil mill effluent (“POME”) biogas for power generation in Malaysia, biogas solutions continue to be the bedrock for GLT’s growth. Recently, the Company participated in POME projects in Indonesia, as well as being also involved in bovine manure biogas and leachate biogas projects.

Sustainable Products from Solid Waste Resources

Palm oil mill biomass is one of the biggest problems in the palm oil industry, and finding permanent sustainable solutions for the biomass is a top priority. The Company, together with its partners, have identified strategies to produce sustainable products such as insect protein, biofertilizers, briquettes and biochar from the biomass.

Sustainable Business Practises

Across all facets of the Company’s business operations, including supply chain governance, value design engineering, and construction methodology, the theme of sustainability is always prioritised. From short-term goals to long-term business strategies, the focus on sustainability is reflected in the Company’s compliance to ESG targets.

Products & services

Renewable Energy and Greenhouse Gas Reductions Solutions


Biogas Project: Fueling Sustainability, Empowering Communities


Going Beyond Green: Innovating for a Sustainable Future

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Our Scorecard

What we do, impacts the planet in positive ways. By capturing methane, we stop the release of greenhouse gases into the environment, and by utilizing the captive methane, we produce power to offset the use of fossil fuel.

our Partners

We believe that being the right partner is as important as finding the right partners. And over the years, the Company had developed the trust and friendship with many such partners as we journey together to maximise the potential that are available. Our commitment to ethical practices is evident in our consistent enhancements in both the caliber and volume of our products, reflecting our dedication to mutually advantageous outcomes.
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