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About Us

Powering Waste into Profit

“Powering Waste Into Profit” is not merely just Green Lagoon Technology Sdn Bhd‘s tagline, but over the years, the Company has indeed managed to harness the inherent energy from biogas to turn into profits. Established in 2010, the Company’s focus over the years has moved along with the times, and even at several instances, being ahead of the renewable energy trends.
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The Company initially participated in Clean Development Mechanism (“CDM”) projects in the palm oil mill industry, by providing design, construction, operations and management services, which laid the foundation for the Company to expand into new green products and business models. By converting biogas from palm oil milling into multiples uses, such as for domestic consumption and electricity sales via Malaysia’s Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) program, the Company is able to monetize its slogan. With involvement in more than 60 projects under our belt, including investment and ownership into these power assets, the Company has become one of Malaysia’s top biogas developers.

Today, the core focus of the Company is to adapt the knowledge into other types of organic-laden wastewater as well as to extend our geographical reach, while at the same time exploring the potential of upgrading biogas to biomethane.

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Our Scorecard

Our achievements and accomplishments speak for themselves, and we attract more and more talent into the Company to help us develop new innovations, new projects and new markets.

Regional Presence Towards A Global Footprint

The Company had already made its presence felt at home and abroad in Indonesia. Plans are afoot to participate in projects in Thailand, Philippines and Papua New Guinea, and soon in other palm oil growing nations. The experiences gained locally can be replicated elsewhere.

Where We Want to Be…
And How We Will Get There

The “Vision”, “Mission” and “Values” statements are provided clearly to all members of the Company, as well as to our key contractors and partners, to remind one and all about the commitments of the Company both now and in the near future.  They also remind us that while we have indeed achieve a fair amount of success, we have many more miles to travel.


Green Lagoon Technology will be the BIGGEST and MOST PROFITABLE company in the Renewable Energy Industry within Southeast Asia by 2025.


We built Green LagoonTechnology based on SOLID TRUST, RAW TALENT and sheer INNOVATION. Today, we continue to stand on this foundation to partner you in the renewable energy industry by pursuing the best options to monetize your environmental liabilities.Together, we can make a better tomorrow, today.


Green Lagoon Technology belives that the Company Vision can only be accomplished by standing on the core values of COMMUNICATION and POSITIVE THINKING.

green lagoon technology

Our Milestone

Looking back at our journey thus far, we cannot help but feel grateful for the paths we have trodden which brought us to where we are today.

Meet Our Team

Teams divide tasks and receive success.

We work hard together, we play hard together – that’s what makes everyone at the Company click together as a team. We believe that working together is like being on a bus, going in the same direction towards a common destination.
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