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A small company that DREAMS BIG

“We believe in building a company that have STRONG FOUNDATIONS and SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT for our team growth.”

Since it’s founding in May 2010, Green Lagoon Technology has been steadly growing in terms of the number of people, number of projects, revenue, profits and influence in the biogas renewable energy sphere.

We believe that this is only possible because of the strong foundations that were laid over the years in good communication, discipline and desire to be the best in the business.

By providing a truly sustainable business  environment  for our staff, stakeholders and clients, we give opportunity for everyone connected to Green Lagoon Technology to grow individually and collectively.

At Green Lagoon Technology, we see that even the sky is not the limit to our potential and we are only beginning…

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Green Lagoon Technology will be the BIGGEST and MOST PROFITABLE company in the Renewable Energy Industry within Southeast Asia by 2025.




We built Green LagoonTechnology based on SOLID TRUST, RAW TALENT and sheer INNOVATION. Today, we continue to stand on this foundation to partner you in the renewable energy industry by pursuing the best options to monetize your environmental liabilities.Together, we can make a better tomorrow, today.




Green Lagoon Technology believes that the Company Vision can only be accomplished by standing on the core values of COMMUNICATION and POSITIVE THINKING.