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A small project, that impacts the environment

Our Projects

Establishing Our Mark

Our successfully implemented projects are continuing to reduce carbon emissions wherever the projects are installed. Our projects not only directly destroy methane (a potent greenhouse gas) through efficient combustion, they are also replacing fossil fuel energy from the power that is generated from biogas engines. Our projects also open up working opportunities among rural populace by providing technical jobs, which then improve the local economies in the immediate vicinity.
GLT Renewable Sdn Bhd
GLT Global Resources Sdn Bhd
GLT Eco Sdn Bhd
GLT Bio Sdn Bhd
Mahamurni Plantations Sdn Bhd
Kilang Sawit C.P. Sdn Bhd
Kema Development Sdn Bhd
Cyen Resources Sdn Bhd
GLT Agro Power Sdn Bhd
GLT Morib Power Sdn Bhd
Pamol Plantations Sdn Bhd
Morisem Palm Oil Mill Sdn Bhd
Mayvin Incorporated Sdn Bhd
Biopower Climate Care Holdings Sdn Bhd
Metro Havana Sdn Bhd
KS Green Energy Sdn Bhd
PW Biotech Engineering Sdn Bhd
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Our Scorecard

Implementing projects successfully is the lifeblood of the Company – be they in consultancy, construction, investment or operations & and maintenance, or sometimes a combination of these jobs. We believe that our clients deserve the best from us, and that is what we deliver all the time.

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