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A small step, that changes the direction


Going Beyond Green

Sustainability starts at home; it begins with everyone doing their small part, conscientiously and consciously in a consistent manner. At our Company, we encourage all staff as well as our contractors and suppliers to take simple daily measures to reduce waste, reuse materials and repurpose their equipment. In this manner, we create a better future for all, today.
We strongly subscribe to the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations in addressing poverty, climate change and inequality. Our unwavering commitment to the targets of the SDGs also means that we align our business practises with the aim of creating a positive impact on society and the environment.
Across all facets of our business operations, including supply chain governance, value design engineering and construction methodology, we prioritise sustainability as the cornerstone of a better future for all. As a result, our solutions are meticulously crafted to offer sustainable solutions in waste management and renewable energy.

Key SDGs Targets

While all 17 Sustainable Development Goals are important and serves their specific purposes, we focus on the following 8 elements of the SDGs which are meaningful and for which we can contribute the most toward.  We strive to encode all of these goals into the Company’s DNA and hence how we go about our business.

Odours and the spread of diseases are reduced through the treatment and recycling of organic wastes
Waste impact on water bodies is minimized through reduction of organic loading rate
Dependence on fossil fuel based sources is reduced by replacing with biogas
Job opportunities and economic growth for development made possible from biogas projects at rural areas
Energy from self-generated wastes can be used to improve self-sufficiency and sustainability of industries
Wastes generated from operation sites are reduced or recycled for other use
Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced through capture and utilization of biogas into renewable energy
Recirculation of nutrients and organic matter back into soil in the form of digestate biofertilizer.
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